Mallard Lake Apartments in Wheeling, Illinois

  If you are over the age of 18 and plan to live at Mallard Lake Apartments full-time but you are not a leaseholder, you are an Authorized Occupant. You must complete and submit an Authorized Occupant Application with a $25 application fee. Mallard Lake will run a criminal background check and you will need to show your Mallard Lake representative valid photo ID. Leaseholders, please make sure that all adult occupants in your unit have completed these forms! As an Authorized Occupant, you have full access to all Mallard Lake facilities and amenities, you may call-in work orders, and you have access to the apartment in the event of a lock-out.

2014 Authorized Occupant Application

2014 Authorized Occupant Agreement

2014 Authorized Occupant Removal Form



  Mallard Lake Apartments in Wheeling, Illinois
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1572 Teal Lane, Suite 1C
Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone: 847.398.1200
Fax: 847.398.1993
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