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The most economical protection for your apartment is liability and contents coverage under a renter's insurance policy. Mallard Lake Apartments requires all residents carry renter's insurance in the event that damage occurs to the buildings or common areas. You must obtain renter's insurance before moving into Mallard Lake Apartments.

Renter's insurance can be purchased through the same company that insures your motor vehicle. Mallard Lake Apartments is NOT responsible for you and your family if you are displaced or if the contents of your apartment become damaged--even if the loss is caused by the building itself (fire, water damage, sewer backup). Renter's insurance is very affordable (as low as $10 per month), and renter's insurance will reimburse you for personal belongings lost or damaged due to fire, water/plumbing floods, vandalism, theft, power surges, etc. Renter's insurance will also protect you against personal liability loss, such as damage to your apartment or damage to the building from an accident that you cause. Renter's insurance is already required for residents who own a satellite dish, waterbed or fish tank. Mallard Lake requires a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage.

Mallard Lake Apartments does not endorse a particular insurance carrier for renter's insurance. Remember, Mallard Lake Apartments is not responsible for any damage to your personal property. Lessor's insurance only covers the Lessor's property, including the building structure itself. Want more information? Read these articles for helpful tips and tricks to obtain renter's insurance.

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  Mallard Lake Apartments in Wheeling, Illinois
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